More to come...

So, it's been well over a month since I've posted. Blame the wedding, blame the honeymoon, and blame the fact that our computer was completely full of pictures/music/etc that we couldn't store anything else on it (and you know I like to document my progress...even if the photos are blurry or have terrible lighting). And, we had a VERY difficult time finding a hard drive that was compatible with Mac OS-X. Enough with the excuses though, I have been wanting to blog again for some time, I just haven't taken the time to actually do it. In fact, I recently made some blueberry scones and some cinnamon raisin bread that I thought about posting, but it just never happened. However, a conversation that Tom and I had last night provided fodder for my new project:

Tom: Looks like it's just going to be us for Thanksgiving

Me: That's cool, maybe we can just have a relaxing few days at the camp

Tom:  I still want to make a turkey though

Me: Ok....it's just the two of us, so maybe we can just get a small turkey breast? (Starting to get nervous at this point because I'm slightly intimidated at the thought of cooking a turkey...but it's just a breast so we're fine, right?)

Tom (pouting face develops): But...leftover turkey sandwiches are the best!

Me: Oh, we'll still have plenty of leftovers, don't worry

Tom (still pouting): but the dark meat is my favorite!

Me (freaking out...but...on the inside): fiiiine, we can get a turkey

Tom: Yeah, we'll only need a small bird, an 8 or 9 pounder. And, let's make it a full Thanksgiving! We need stuffing, some potatoes, squash casserole and maybe a dessert?

So, there you have it. I'm jumping on the food blogging bandwagon (albeit a bit late) for Thanksgiving recipe posts. Most will be experimental, and you may even witness complete disasters, but hey at least I get a Thanksgiving trial-run of sorts; I'm only cooking for us. Besides, now that we're married, Tom's still obligated to love me, even if I set the bird on fire.


  1. You know you are welcome to join us at the beach, right?

  2. Yes and thank you! We may still join you guys (Friday maybe?), but I think Tom has his heart set on cooking a Thanksgiving dinner (specifically for the leftovers).