Welcome to the blogosphere.

I never suspected myself to be a blogger, in fact, I still question my ability to keep up the posts. However, I've felt inspired to do this for a while. Primarily because I live so far away from my closest friends (other than Tom, obviously) and family, that I felt this would be a useful way to keep people up to date with my life. That, and I have several friends with serious misconceptions of the deep south. I'm trying to paint a better picture, a real picture.

Another reason for this blog is that it's a great forum for advice. I'm planning a wedding (and if you know me, you know I'm not a planner) so I'll use this a launch pad for ideas, inspirations, etc and I'd love to receive comments advice, or suggestions.

General Domestics.
I'm trying these on for size as well. My goal is to focus on recipes that use fresh, local, and/or organic ingredients, and I'm trying to stay away from anything processed. I try to stick with Michael Pollan's 7 rules for eating. I still have a lot to learn though, but I've improved. I've had some successes (and failures) with new recipes and cooking experiments (usually involving canning and or a huge mess in the kitchen), and I am hoping to start sharing my experiences.


  1. When will you post about the ocecat living in your house.


  2. His 15-minutes of fame will come soon, promise.