Lazy Food?

Everyone has his/her go-to meal. The "I'm too lazy to cook something difficult, but I don't want to spend money" meal. You want it to be somewhat healthy, but you also want it to be easy. I have several in my arsenal (mostly salads that involve throwing whatever you have in your fridge and mixing it with either cous cous or pasta). My other go-to fave? Hash. No, I'm not talking about toking up until you eat everything in your fridge. I'm talking about hash. Like hash browns, but mixed with vegetables and oh-so-delicious. If we can't think of something to make for dinner (and we want something quick...and assuming we have potatoes) this is what we go for.
It's loosely based on Deb's (over at Smitten Kitchen) spring asparagus panetta hash.  The rich, saltyness of the pancetta mixed with the fresh, bright asparagus is absolutely divine. I'd make that hash everyday. However, we rarely have pancetta and we were out of asparagus as of about two days ago, and I wasn't about to go shopping. Afterall, that's what this post is about right? Lazy food.
That's what I love about hash though, you don't have to make it fancy with salted, Italian meats, just use what you have. Whatever you have. Throw it in there...let the flavors dance with the potatoes, sooner or later, you'll have something delicious. This time around, we threw in (besides the potatoes) red bell pepper, green bell pepper, banana pepper, jalapeno pepper (too much pepper? nah), red onion, and some tomatoes.  That's it. So easy and so good.
Look at them, all of them, it's a frying pan party. Those potatoes have already started getting that nice, crisp outer crust, while the peppers and onions are getting softer and happier.  Finally, we invite one more friend. A friend that pulls this whole party together.
The fried egg. The runny yolk will really gel the flavors here. You won't regret it. Trust me.
See what I mean? That yolk is just itchin' to party.
Top it off with hot sauce (obviously, this is gulf south cookin' everything's topped with hot sauce) and enjoy! This is just too good and too easy not to share.

(Makes 2 servings)
1/2lb Yukon gold potatoes, diced
2tbs coconut oil
vegetables. whatever you have. diced.
Creole seasoning to taste

Heat a 12 inch frying pan over medium to medium high heat. Let the oil heat up for a minute or two and add the potatoes. Season with the creole seasoning. Let them cook for a few minutes until they've browned on one side. Start stirring and flipping them around for a few more minutes (you don't want them sticking) until they've browned on both sides (about 3/4 cooked). 

Add the vegetables and stir them around a bit. This is also when you might want to start frying the eggs; you'd like them to be finished around the same time as the potatoes. Cook for about 5-7 minutes. Once the vegetables are soft, remove and serve immediately, top with the fried egg (and whatever garnish you have around. Goat cheese? yum! Green onions, go for it! Really, whatever you want). 

What's your favorite lazy meal? 


  1. My favorite lazy meal is when you make me hash. Yum.

  2. Hi Annie! I saw this post on facebook and just had to leave a comment!

    1. I see you're getting married - have you checked out www.stylemepretty.com? It was my favorite site when I was getting married. (And it's still in my Google Reader, 3 years later... it's full of pretty, shiny, sparkly things and you know how those grab my interest so easily!)

    2. Potatoes and eggs - what could be a better combination? Oh yes, hot sauce. THE FOOD OF THE GODS. I approve of this dish, many times over.

    3. We read practically all of the same food/living blogs - just thought I would mention this.

    4. I miss the humidity (I live in Colorado now, but hopefully moving back East soon.)

    So glad to find this, adding you to my Google Reader so that we can stay in touch!

  3. That counter looks familiar! Food looks good and the photos are great. Next time put the awesome beer bottle opener y'all use in the photo. Just saying. Did not know about the blog. Cool.