Dresses, beer crocks, and sliders.

Saturday morning, I went to Something New for my second dress fitting...I am about to shower this place with praises, it's pretty fantastic. I found this shop on a whim because I had no idea where to go for alterations in Mobile. I got a used dress from a Brides Against Breast Cancer event in DC, (and if you're in the market for a wedding dress, it's a bit hectic but I definitely recommend it!), so I couldn't exactly get my dress altered where I bought it (which is what usually happens). I asked around and no one really had any suggestions so I checked out this place because I frequently passed it on my way to South Alabama. Smart move. The girls have taken great care of me (and of my dress), and they really seem to know what they're doing. More importantly, the woman doing my alterations (feel like such a jerk, can't remember her name!) is amazing. My dress was about 2 sizes too big and you wouldn't know if you saw it now. She has done a fantastic job! It's a bit on the expensive side, but oh so worth it. When I tried the dress on Saturday morning, I really started to get excited. It needs to be taken in just a bit more (I have one more fitting on August 14th) but overall, it looks great, I am thrilled! It's really starting to feel like this wedding is coming together (although, part of me is still like "I'm getting married?!?).

Anyway, because it was nearly a thousand degrees outside, Tom and I had to find some indoor activities to bide our time before we sweated our butts off at Callaghan's to see Holy Ghost Tent Revival (another recommendation in this post...really fun band, if you like the Avett Brothers or Old Crow Medicine Show). So, we decided to drive over to Fairhope to checkout Tom Jones Pottery. A coworker of mine recommended the place and told me that they were having their summer show and sale this past Saturday. I'm so glad we checked it out, it's really cute. Great pottery, friendly people, and spiked lemonade...SCORE. After a couple of glasses of "adult lemonade", we obviously got suckered in to buying some pottery. Two wine goblets (because, why wouldn't you want to drink wine from a goblet? Glasses are so five years ago...), and a bread crock (that came with a beer bread recipe...I'm sensing a theme here). So that basically dictated my plan for Sunday. Bread baking.

We started with some delicious rosemary-olive-beer bread (with a bit too much rosemary). I want to tweak this recipe a bit before I post it but, clearly we didn't hate it...
                                                             half of it is already gone...

Anyway, while the beer bread was in the oven, I stared making some buns for the sliders we were going to have on Monday night. Quick way to get bread to rise? Just put it outside in the 100 degree heat, no big deal. The buns turned out great, and were a perfect accompaniment to our buffalo (oh yes, we used buffalo meat) sliders.
They're obviously not complete without some home-baked fries

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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